Ramblings of a Young Mama

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Grand New Year

This year has been nothing but great so far.. Justin is completely out of the picture I think.. He hasn't been here, or tried to contact me since he came with the cops to get the last of his stuff.. It's a great relief.. I've found someone new to keep my attention. I love it. He's great! Keegan likes him, and he is good with him.... His boys love me and I love them.... Alls good :] I'll keep ya posted on that ;)

Keegan is growing like a weed! We are potty training and it's an up and down process! He's doing great at day care.... Hasn't really been having any accidents there, it's just tackling the at home accidents.... We will get there :) He also just had his first haircut about three weeks ago.... He doesn't even look like the same kid! It's crazy! I miss his hair, but well that's part of letting go of him being a baby! He's my big boy now.... I can't believe I have a running, crazy, rotten two year old!

I love my job! I love the kids! I can't imagine doing anything else! All in all.... Things are good :)