Ramblings of a Young Mama

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh the life..

YAY!! The Redskins won!! I couldn't be happier there. Work pretty much was long. But not too bad. I have to work tonight too. Hopefully it won't seem so long. Hmm.. I haven't talked to my online bestie in a few days and I miss her tons!! I hope you are doing well Mandy Lou. Keegan is doing ok. He's not better, but he's not really sick anymore. Praise the lord!! I still feel like poo on the other hand. It hurts to breathe :/. I think I'm going to take a nap. Ta ta for now!

Until next time,


Mandy said...

I missed you too! :) I'm glad we got to talk some last night. I'll be on later today if you're around! :) I'm glad Keegan feels better...sorry you don't feel feel so good. :( xoxo