Ramblings of a Young Mama

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, let's try this again. My stupid ass browser just closed itself out. I've had a weird off day. Not sure how to explain it. I really want to design something, I can't seem to find the creative spark in me. :/ I feel very tired and run down and yet, I'm not really sure why. My day hasn't been overly busy. I only drove to m'burg to get Justin. and then we hung out with Cecilee and the boys . Bladen and Keegan tore into so much crap. lol. Well they are toddlers right. he he. Eli is growing so fast. I can't believe it. He's just a mini Bladen, but with brown hair. Now I'm watching Monday Night Football. Why? Well it's football, i guess, even if it is the Cardinals and 49ers. LMAO. I dunno. That's all for now. *sighs*

Until next time,