Ramblings of a Young Mama

Monday, December 01, 2008

Time for a blog

Oh what a few weeks it has been. Where to begin?! For starters, I'm into week 3 of being back to school, and I think I'm doing pretty good so far. Wow, week 3, 6 more weeks and these 2 classes will be over and I'll be starting new ones. That's bizarre to me. I really love my one instructor, the other one, not so much. I guess that's how life goes though.

Keegan is growing up a storm. He's so cranky and icky right now though. We spent Friday night in the ER. His temperature was 102.9 when we got there, and before they gave him any medicine 3 hours later it was 103.8. My poor baby has a bad ear infection. I never knew it could cause his temperature to get that high from an ear infection.

I really should be sleeping. I just can't seem to fall asleep. I'm laying here thinking about making a new blog design, since I think it's pretty safe to say Justin isn't going anywhere. That makes me super happy. He's so great! and he's amazing with Keegan. Really that's the important one. Keegan just seems to really like him and that makes me glad.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We got up early, got to my grandma's so that they could spend some time with the baby. Then of course my mom, and little brother came up a little before 1. We had dinner, and then pie. I guess around 3 or so we headed back down the mountain to go to Justin's so we could do thanksgiving there too. We relaxed for a little while, went back to my house and then mom watched the baby so that we could have the night to ourselves for some Thursday Night Football. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, watched the game, and then came home and cuddled til we fell asleep. :)

On that note, oh the errands I have to run in the morning. I need to go to sleep.

Until next time,