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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I hope she's worth it.

I'm back with another Trifecta post and this one has been a struggle for me. When I was done writing I had 525 words and didn't have anything I wanted to take out. Since I didn't have a choice, that's part of the challenge, I've spent the last hour removing things, and plugging it into Word Count Tool, to make it meet the 333 word limit!

Anywho, you can find this week's post here.

This week's one-word prompt was MANIPULATE. The third definition says "to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one's purpose : to doctor." With 333 words, I give you "I hope she's worth it."


She watched him manipulate himself for the skinny thing that approached the table. Smiling, he stands and pulls the chair out so she can join him. I'm disgusted. She melts. They appear to be very familiar. Is she the reason he is "too busy" for lunch dates with me? I want to move closer, but first I need to snap some pictures.

I enter the diner, and try not to be seen. I'm seated at a booth a few tables away. I can see them, but they haven't noticed me. He's looking at her as if he's in love. He used to look at me that way. Where did the love go?

They finish lunch and he pays the bill, like he's a gentleman. He stands from his chair and moves to help her. Reaching for her hand, he places his other on the small of her back.  She stands and he escorts her out. I feel physically ill watching this unravel before me. Where do I go from here?

I sit in my car, numb, pondering my next move and decide the pictures need to be handled before I go home. Starting the car, I pull into traffic and make my way to get prints. With pictures in hand, I sit in the lot deciding what to do. My cell rings. It's him. Hesitantly, I answer. He tells me he's going to be stuck at work until midnight. Rage floods my body. He's lying again. I'm no longer sick to my stomach. Now I just want to punch something, or someone.

I make it home in record time and start a fire in the pit. Room by room, I empty his items into bags and drag them out back. Two hours later I'm done, and it's time for me to put pictures where his belongings were. With a margarita in hand I sit in the backyard, waiting, watching his chapter of my life go up in flames.

I hope she's worth it.


rebecca said...

I like the fact that she burnt all his belongings. She's gonna be alright ..

Sami said...

Mmmhmmmm, she's definitely gonna be alright! Thanks for stopping by!

Valerie Boersma said...

I love the ending! It may not get him back, but it sure as heck would feel so gratifying to watch his stuff burn. Great piece of writing, and congrats on paring it down to the word limit. Not an easy job sometimes:)

Sami said...

Very therapeutic to watch it burn. I'm sure the expression on his face when he got home would be priceless! Thank you!

Atreyee said...

That will teach him,lol!Loved this sweet revenge:-)

kymm said...

Nice revenge piece. Salud!

Sami said...

Sweet, sweet revenge! Thank you!