Ramblings of a Young Mama

Thursday, January 30, 2014


The title says it all.

Why am I such a jumbled mess? I feel like my emotions are exploding in so many different ways right now. Or maybe I should say, I feel like I'm imploding....

I've started the last two days with tears. Why, you ask? I have no effing clue. I'm on edge. My body is apparently trying to tell me something. Maybe I've not had a good cry in a while and it feels like it needs to release. Does this make me crazy? I'm talking like me and my body are two separate things. I mean, really?!

What is wrong with me? I asked one of my closest friends this question and she said, "because you are a girl." Is that really an answer though? I am female, yes, but is that a reason for being emotional over nothing?

I have a pretty normal life. I use the term normal loosely, because not a lot in my life is really the everyday "normal." I have a man that I love (and that loves me), gorgeous children (yes I say children because I love Gavin as if he were my own, too) and a career that is perfect for me; so why do I feel so emotionally messy?

Speaking of children, my mini me - but in boy form (aka Keegan) got straight A's on his report card again. I'm so proud of him. He is so incredibly intelligent, even if I'm a little bias his grades - or his teacher - don't lie!

Besides the stress from money (which really will probably never go completely away), my job (and his) sometimes, and the drama that is associated with my Gabba's mother, my life is normal. Mike and I's relationship is wonderful. We both have dependable full time jobs that I am very grateful for. My family is doing fine and so is his. Yet, here I find myself an emotionally jumbled mess. Why?