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Monday, February 02, 2009

It's Yet Another Monday!

UGH! So my mom is still in the hospital. I'm really worried about her. She was getting better, no puking and a lot less pain in her stomach on Saturday. and then yesterday she got worse. I won't go into the gross details, but let's just say she was definitely puking again.

I had a really hard time leaving Keegan with Melissa (my friend Amber's mom) last night, because on my way down her road Keegan began puking everywhere! I got him to her house, threw everything in the washer and bathed him. I stayed for an hour and a helf to make sure he was ok enough for me to leave for work. He was running around and playing with Jacob (Amber's son). So I figured it was ok for me to leave him.

Work was long last night & tonight is going to be long too, that is if I can find a babysitter. We have 37,000 scheduled mark downs to do between yesterday and today. HOLY MOLY right?! I guess it makes sense tho. They are prepping for the *new* spring merchandise.

I have an appointment to go tomorrow to do my taxes at 2. I'll be so glad when they are done. Then we will know exactly how much money we're going to have for this move!

I miss Justin. He will hopefully be here tomorrow. I'd really like to have him here tonight to watch the baby so I can go to work. But I guess that'll depend on if I can find someone else to watch him tonight. Really I'm hoping my brother's dad will keep him. I have both extra babies tomorrow. So not looking forward to that, but it's a money thing.

I guess that is all for now!

Until next time,


Robyn said...

I hope your mom gets better soon Sami.... I know how hard it is to go between home and hospital. Your family will be in my prayers.