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Monday, February 09, 2009

Sleepy Mama

So I got my final grade for ENG 101 last night, & drum roll please, it was an A- as well. I got 242/250 on my final essay. Not too bad! I'm very happy with it! So my cumulative GPA is a 3.67 so far. I'm good for that. They could have both been A's instead of A-'s but hey whatever they are still A's and isn't that all that matters ;)

I worked last night til 2am. I'm kinda sad, they are doing away with the shift I'm used to working on Thursday, I'm going to miss most of my regular crew! It'll be okay though. I like the other people I work with too! ( well most of them {hehe} :D )

Justin & I are still waiting to hear from the apartment place. We sent them money an entire week ago, WTH?! We should have heard something by now. KWIM? I guess we'll wait and see if he calls today. The apartment is pretty much the final piece to the puzzle. I'm becoming more and more nervous each day that it gets closer to that big move. :( I really don't want to move away from my family, or take Keegan away from them for that matter. On that same note though, we are trying to be a family ourselves and this is why I am going.

I forgot to add Keegan's vitals in the last bloggity blog. As of Friday at the doctor's check up. He weighed 24 pounds 10 ounces and he's 32 1/2 inches tall! Where did my baby go? He's now a running big boy!! :( The doctor said he was ahead of schedule with everything and since he's only 15 months I was glad to know he was progressing well. He also said he was a very "proper" child. LOL, he is not proper, he just behaves at the doctor's office!! I dunno, I guess that's all for now.

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Danita said...

Congrats on the As!!!

My oldest was 24lbs at 12 months, she was a big girl LOL Everyone thinks she is 10 and she is only 7!

How wonderful the Keegan behaved so well! isnt that always nice =]

♥Amy♥ said...

Congrats on your test mama! That is awesome. :)

What great stats for Keegan. He is such a cutie.