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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Just a bloggin'

Hmm, lets see where to begin? Let's see

1. I got an A- for my final grade in my GEN 105 class! I passed the final with 250/250 points!! :) I'm still waiting for my ENG 101 final grade! I'm sure I did great!

2. Keegan has been sick all week. We went to the doctor on Wednesday; Double Ear Infection & Upper Respiratory! YUCK!! We get a five day anti-biotic to treat both in one. Friday he had a check-up for his last set of shots until he's 5. We go thinking they won't do the shots because he's sick, but.... his ears were very much cleared up and his lungs sounded a lot better. I was soo happy. So he got a combo shot, and his chicken pox vaccine! I'm glad he's up to date and I don't have to worry about shots for a while ;)

3. Justin is icky sicky too. He has been for a week or so and I feel bad for him. Shit, everyone around here has been sick except me! On the subject of Justin, I took him home on Wednesday and I'm not going to see him again until, get this, NEXT WEEKEND! We both have to work this week :( Hopefully Friday I can get him, but if not, we'll definitely be together on Saturday, you know since it's Valentine's Day at all! {insert sappy awwwww here}

4. I have no creativity lately. It sucks! I really wanna make something! It took me like 12 tries just to make an avatar the other day :|

5. I'm still putting off my laundry! I really need to do it. It's seriously overwhelming though! I guess that's all for right now.

Until next time,


Danita said...

Congrats on the awesome grade!! You are so welcome ;) HAHA jk.

Mandy said...

How wonderful on grade! Hope they get better soon and you have a wonderful D, I mean, V-Day ;)

Robyn said...

Great job!! Sounds like your moving along!
I left you an award on my blog, you don't have to post on it though! I know awards go around a from blog to blog a lot sometimes! :)