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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a lost soul in this path called LIFE

I have finished both of my finals and turned them in [a day early, go me!]. That's a little weight lifted off of my shoulders. I start my second block of classes on Monday. I'm kinda nervous. I wonder what my new professors are going to be like? One is a man and one is a woman, that is all I know so far. I really like my current ENG 101 professor. I hope they are like her. lol. what are the chances right? My next two classes are CIS 105 - SURVEY OF COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS & ENG 102 - RESEARCH WRITING! Hmmm, the computer class shouldn't be too bad & English, well it's English class! :P I printed both of the calendars and what not, but I haven't had a chance to look over them yet.

On another note, my mom is still in the hospital. She has been really sick for almost a week with an infection in her intestines. and get this, the doctors can't tell her how it got there! She's kept the first day's worth of chicken broth down since Monday yesterday. She hadn't eaten anything, because she was puking so much. I'm just hoping she can come home from the hospital soon. We'll see.

Keegan didn't take a nap all day long, so I guess at around 5:20 when my brother and every left, he just passed out until like 20 til 7. Which sucks! But he wouldn't stay awake. So now here it is after 10 'o clock and he's still awake playing! I'm just having a very blah day today. I worked on school work all day and now I just wanna relax, but I have a 15 month old running old. Well he'll be 15 months old tomorrow. Whatever! Same difference!

Off to creativity, or rather my lack there of. I just really don't have any creative juices flowing! I owe my darling Mandy and few things and I feel horrible that I haven't gotten to them yet. :(

On a more exciting note! Me and Justin were approved for an apartment today, pending the background check, but we're not worried about the background check! The leaser? gave us all of the paper work to send him our security deposit so that's pretty promising ;) Isn't that super exciting! So now, we have one more step to our big move to Florida pretty much completed! I have so many mixed feelings on this. It's becoming crunch time. We have something like 6 weeks maybe? I'm very nervous, since I've never lived anywhere but this 20 mile span around here, and now we're moving literally 1,000 miles out of my comfort zone. We will see what happens! It'll be an adventure! I guess that's all for now

Until next time,


Mandy said...

OH, Sweetie! So much! Don't worry about me!!!! &&I can't wait till you move to florida :D