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Friday, January 30, 2009

Queen of Procrastination Here

It has quickly become the end of my block of classes and my finals are due on Sunday. Keep in mind that I've known about these finals since 2 days before my classes started, when I downloaded the syllabus and calendar! I know that these finals are 250 of the 1000 points for these classes, and I am doing what, blogging and YIM'ing with Mandy! Yeah, I don't even know where to start. ERRRRR.. As a matter of fact, I haven't even started one of them! The other is half way done! THANK GOD! I don't think I could do both of them in these two days. I have to have them turned in before I leave for work on Sunday, because when I get off it will be too late to turn them in. So that leaves like less than 48 hours.

Totally off topic, but my adorable little Keega-butt is laying on the floor all spread out, ridiculously cute! He looks like a little angel when he's sleeping, but oh no, he's a rotten little demon toddler! LOL! ;))

Anywho, back to these finals. I need to get to them, so I'll be back later! [ hopefully with news of finished assignments ;) ]

Until next time,


Mandy said...

Good luck, Sweetie!

Danita said...

Good luck! You will finish them in time no problem!