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Thursday, January 22, 2009


First of all let me warn whomever might read this, I'm about to rant off! If you get upset or offended easily do not read this post!!

I've been on edge for a few days because I've had two extra teething babies in addition to my teething toddler!! and well, when one of the babies starts crying the other one does and they squeal and scream. It's rather loud and causes me to have a headache. I spent Tuesday through this morning with Justin. Which should have been awesome, but only Tuesday night was, yesterday and today were crazy hectic! Tuesday we cuddled up and watched a movie and then snuggled in bed! It was nice. It has been a while since we've gotten to just relax and snuggle!

On another note, everyone has been on their f*ing periods or something around here because I swear people don't know how to be pleasant. They're either screaming or being snippy. I'm so tired of it! I'm a human being, a woman, among many other things as well. SO WHAT THE HELL MAKES PEOPLE THINK THEY CAN BE ASSHOLES TO ME!! I'm so tired of everyone taking their damn annoyance or anger or whatever the hell it is that's bugging them out on me!! Seriously WTH guys? And another thing. My schoolwork is paying because I can't concentrate to do it 100% and that's pretty f*ing important! I can't support my son with ease without that degree! Is it really that hard to keep after their grandchild long enough for me to put an un-interrupted hour of schoolwork in? NO, they can't do that because that would be too difficult, they worked all day! Whoopty Do! I usually have 3 children 14 months and younger, (mine being the oldest at 14 months), for at least 9 hours a day during the week, a part time job, and I'm working toward getting a degree in school!

And another thing! WTH possesses people to be rude about something they are getting for free!? We have lives, children, husbands, other jobs, PAYING customers, housework, schoolwork, and whatever else we do with our lives. So what makes people think they need to be rude to us when they've only been waiting less than a week! I'm sorry that some of our designers are having computer or real life problems right now. Don't be a rude little ass because you feel it took too long for someone to have the time to get to it! Go to another board and wait well over a week for it! With that said, I love those of you who are appreciative! That's what makes me what to do this for everyone for free.

I'm done my rant for now! I feel a little better getting it all out!

Until next time,


Mandy said...

Glad you feel better. Sorry you had a rough day/week. And I feel ya on the complaining about something they get for free! We don't get paid for this stuff...If they want to bitch that'll be on hundred dollars! ;)

Danita said...

Aww I'm sorry you have had a rough day/week! I am sure tomororw will be better[hopefully]. You are a strong young mama and you deserve a break...even if it is just to do schoolwork! Dont people know we need QUIET ;]